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5 Products For 5 Minute Easy Makeup!

Whether it’s getting the kids ready for the school run or prepping for your next zoom call when working from home, we know that time is of the essence at the moment!

It really can be overwhelming with so many different makeup products on the market at the moment to know which to choose or use when in a rush.

Don’t panic, we have narrowed down our wide range of products to just 5 products that are easy to use and will make sure that you are out the door or in front of your computer screen in just 5 minutes. While looking fresh and fabulous, of course!

Don’t believe us? Check out our 5 minute makeup routine below and let us know what you think!

4604a artdeco instant skin perfector (product)

The award-winning Instant Skin Perfector gives you a flawless, naturally fresh complexion in under a minute!

Applied with a brush or your hands, the creamy fluid contains the finest globules that contain colour pigments in their interior. While you rub the texture on your skin, the pigments optimally adapt to your skin tone, retouch bumps and refine the appearance of the skin visually.

Nourishing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, extract of rock leaves and seaweed extract provide an incredibly pleasant, light feeling.

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misslyn concealer camel

This Misslyn Concealer is the ideal all-rounder for concealing any imperfections with its creamy formula.

It also contains active ingredients such as amino acid, urea and allantoin which have a balancing effect on the moisture content of your skin. Just use 3 dots under the eyes for instant brightness! Plus it’s perfect for covering up any little blemishes that you might want to hide.

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misslyn highlight contour stick medium

For a quick contour and glow, Misslyn’s Highlighter & Contour Stick is perfect to create some shape and definition. Using a light hand, apply the contour side around the forehead, under the cheekbones and the under the jawline and blend, blend blend! You could also use the contour side as a cream eyeshadow also.

For highlight, use the lighter side on anywhere that you want to accentuate such as on the brow bone, cheekbones and cupid’s bow and blend softly with your finger.

You can also carry this handy product in your handbag in case you need a top-up on the go!

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artdeco multi stick rosy toffee

For a flush of colour on cheeks and lips, we are loving ARTDECO’s Multi Stick for when on the go or in a rush. A fantastic multi use product, its creamy texture and make it so easy to use. Create a complete, natural look with the beauty all-rounder or freshen up your make-up in no time!

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misslyn lolita lashes push up effect mascara

To finish the look, push up your lashes with a couple of quick coats of Misslyn’s Lolita Lashes Push Up Effect Mascara. Great for creating a fresh, wide eyed look, while drawing attention to your gorgeous lashes. Thanks to the unique brush shape, every lash is easily coated. It also contains the active ingredient Sea Satin for a nourishing effect on the eyelash hairs.

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Now you’re ready to go and with 5 products in 5 minutes, you might be able to get a few more minutes in bed in the mornings!