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COOLA – A Higher Standard In Healthy Suncare

COOLA are passionate about creating beautiful product experiences that embody a happy, healthy lifestyle.

They believe that clean beauty should feel as good as it is healthy, which is why they’re on a quest to develop organic products that we’ll love wearing everyday.

Every COOLA formula is crafted with at least 70% certified organic ingredients. They believe in formulating products with ingredients that follow sustainable farming practices that support local communities. As part of their efforts to reduce plastic and their carbon footprint, all of thier tubes are made of sustainably sourced sugar-cane resin.

Over 75% of their cosmetic containers are fully recyclable, with the goal of reaching 100% recyclable by 2023.

Strala Beauty is delighted to bring you COOLA!

coola spf50 body spray unscented 177ml

With its refreshingly natural scent, this organic sunscreen is a new take on the award-winning classic—designed for long active days in the sun but light enough for everyday use.

This Farm to Face® formula features an antioxidant-rich Plant Protection complex that helps fight free radicals and nourish skin.

Spray on this ultra-sheer formula for water-resistant broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection any time, anywhere!

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coola spf30 body lotion tropical coconut 148ml (lifestyle)

This organic sunscreen lotion is designed for long active days in the sun but light enough for everyday use.

With its broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, this antioxidant-rich moisturizing lotion has an advanced plant-based oleosome technology that optimizes the formula’s performance for fortified protection that’s unbelievably sheer on skin.

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coola liplux oil spf30 3.2ml

This organic lip oil protects from the sun and delivers the shine.

Infused with nourishing Camellia and Jojoba Oils and Vitamin E, this universally flattering golden formula combines the hydration of a lip oil with the look of plumper lips from a lip gloss.

Fortified with an antioxidant-rich Plant Protection® complex, this oil helps relieve dry lips for a nourished and protected pout.

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coola face lotion spf50 white tea 50ml (lifestyle)

This organic face sunscreen is your invisible shield against the sun and elements.

The Farm to Face formula is sun protection and moisturizer in one—providing sheer broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection while hydrating skin.

Formulated with an antioxidant-rich Plant Protection Complex, this powerful sunscreen for face provides light-as-air protection that is amazing on its own or layers perfectly under makeup.

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coola radical recovery aftersun lotion 148ml

Save the skin you’re in with this ultra-soothing and deeply hydrating daily lotion, crafted with an advanced blend of time-honored ingredients for environmentally-damaged skin recovery.

A moisture-locking base of Organic Agave and Aloe Vera is enriched with a globally curated range of antioxidant and vitamin-intensive boosters – including Rosemary Extract and the nurturing oils of Lavender, Sunflower, Sweet Orange and Mandarin Peel, along with calming Cedarwood.

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