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Makeup Hacks For Clear Lash & Brow Gels!

Think there’s no place for Clear Lash & Brow Gel in your makeup bag or not sure how to use it?

Think again! We have shared some of our favourite ways below on how to how to use this multipurpose beauty product with some handy links to some of our favourites available on Strala Beauty!

As A Brow Gel

Look no further if you are looking for a product to tame unruly brows, lash and brow gels are a hero product when it comes to brows! If you like the “no-makeup makeup” look, then a clear gel will put manners on your brows while keeping them looking natural!

To Prime Your Lashes

Applying a few coats of clear lash & brow gel before applying your actual coloured mascara is a great way to add some va-va-voom and length to your lashes! If you love pumping up the volume without clumps, then you need a clear lash & brow gel in your routine.

PLUS by doing so before applying waterproof mascara can actually help when removing your mascara in the evenings. No tugging or scrubbing on your eyes? Bonus! Just a swipe and it’s off!

You could also use your Makeup Eraser, which removes ALL makeup, including waterproof makeup!

DIY Your Own Coloured Mascara

Have you ever wanted to try a blue or burgundy shade of mascara but were afraid to take the plunge? Before committing to a new mascara shade, your clear lash & brow gel can be mixed with your favourite eyeshadow shades and pigments and lashed on your lashes for a different look or to make your eye colour pop! Burgundy is gorgeous on green eyes while purple is beautiful on brown eyes.

Tame Any Flyaways

Whether you prefer to wear a slicked back ponytail or a chic bun, your clear lash & brow gel could tame any flyaway hairs with just a swipe to set everything in place.

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artdeco clear lash and brow gel

ARTDECO’s Clear Lash & Brow Gel is fragrance-free and protects the lashes and fixes the shape of the eyebrows whilst adding a natural shine. Essential for creating the ideal low key, perfectly groomed look, this gel can also be used as a clear mascara to create longer looking lashes whilst maintaining your natural lash colour.

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