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Prepare, Protect & Prolong With Diego Dalla Palma This Summer

With Diego Dalla Palma suncare products, sunscreen and after sun, enjoy full protection against UV rays and your skin will be moisturized thoroughly before and after sun exposure. Our sun care products for face and body ensure long-lasting protection, a natural suntan and a healthy hydrated skin all summer long with our suncare treatments.

diego dalla palma super tanning gel

Sun Tanning Gel

For those who have difficulty tanning on their legs and other difficult areas. Ultra-concentrated in BRONZYL, its texture with micro reflective pearls gives immediate radiance to the complexion. The Sun Tanning Gel intensifies and speeds up the tan, for a uniform and long-lasting colour. It is quickly absorbed and not greasy.

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diego dalla palma protective cream face spf30

Protective Face Cream – Anti Age SPF30

For pale and reactive skin in the sun or normal skin in case of intense exposure. With its balanced and smart UVB-UVA-IR protection, enhanced with SMART PROTECTION DNA, it ensures complete protection from the sun’s rays and prevents damage to the collagen, elastin and cellular DNA, counteracting the formation of wrinkles, dehydration and loss of elasticity. The non-greasy and non-sticky formulation ensure perfect distribution without leaving white residues.

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diego dalla palma refreshing after sun cream body

Refreshing After Sun Body Cream

Gives relief and hydration to sun-dried skins. It prevents dryness and desquamation thanks to the action of liquorice extract and the high nourishing power of Tahiti monoi and the flowers of water lilies and frangipani. With BRONZYL intensifies and prolongs the tan. With an ultra-sensorial texture: it combines lightness and moisturising power with rapid absorption, giving the skin a pleasant sensation of freshness and well-being.

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About Diego Dalla Palma:

The dermocosmetics are the result of the latest research and innovation in the fields of dermatology and molecular biology. This skincare is truly effective, amazing quality and provides visible results which are even more rapid thanks to the cabin rituals of reharmonization.

Premature ageing and skin imperfections are due to a change in cellular communication which causes poor functioning of the activity of all the skin’s structures.

The objective of Diego Dalla Palma professional – RVB Skinlab is to detoxify, balance the metabolism, stimulate cellular dynamsation, vitality and longevity, thanks to the 51 +3 Hyalu Complex, an exclusive RVB Skinlab registered trademark, with a multi-active bio-revitalizing action. It reintegrates the optimal level of vital elements essential for cellular communication and fights skin’s imperfections on several levels.

The result is rebalanced and intensely regenerated skin.