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Sandra Gillen’s Mask Makeup Essentials!

We were delighted to collaborate with Irish Make Up Artist Sandra Gillen (You can follow her on Instagram @sandragillenmakeup) again this month on our Mask Makeup Essentials!

Sandra completed a full tutorial over on our Instagram Stories showcasing her favourite products from Strala Beauty to protect and care for your skin when wearing a mask.

Plus they are products that will stay in place all day if you need to take your mask off throughout the day when out and about. If you missed Sandra’s Tutorial Takeover, don’t worry as we have now saved this to our Highlights on our Instagram account @stralabeauty so you can catch up in your own time.

Interested to know which products Sandra LOVED about during her tutorial? Find out below!

artdeco-mineral-powder-foundation light beige

This Mineral Powder Foundation by ARTDECO is a fantastic 2 in 1 product that combines the medium to strong coverage of a classic foundation with the silky-matte consistency of a loose powder!

Enjoy a perfectly even complexion that looks very natural, fresh, and radiant with this powder foundation that cares for your skin. This Mineral Powder Foundation contains a high-quality mineral complex such as zinc and magnesium and is suitable for all skin types – from sensitive to oily skin.

Plus this foundation also offers the skin protection against UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

It truly is an all in one product!

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artdeco long wear concealer waterproof soft apricot

With this lightweight Long Wear Concealer by ARTDECO, your makeup is completely protected, thanks to this waterproof concealer! It is smudge-proof and its medium to strong coverage makes dark circles and wrinkles disappear.

Your skin will look even and super fresh. plus the micro-pigments in the concealer will balance the skin tone and  blend invisibly with the skin.

Specially selected ingredients ensure the concealer protects the skin from unwanted shine and creates a matte finish, without drying out of the skin.

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artdeco brow filler brown

To fluff up the brows and to add some definition, Sandra loved ARTDECO’s Brow Filler for a quick and easy defined brow.

With the finest fibre hairs, the tinted eyebrow gel  immediately makes your eyebrows appear fuller. The delicate fibres, combed with the mascara-like mini brush, look as natural as real brow hairs!

It will also nourish your brows with valuable argan oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and ginseng extract.

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artdeco multi stick rosy toffee

This multi-talented Multi Stick by ARTDECO is perfect for an uncomplicated, easy look that will stay in place all day. Whether as an eyeshadow, lipstick or blusher – this multi stick is suitable for any application on the face.

Its delicate, creamy texture makes it easy to use. Ideal for creating a complete, natural look with this beauty all-rounder or freshen up your make-up in no time!

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artdeco magic fix lipstick sealer

If you want to keep your lipstick in place all day or find that you are wearing a mask throughout the day, keep your lipstick in place with ARTDECO’s Magic Fix.

Magic Fix fixes your lipstick like an invisible protective layer on your lips. Natural active ingredients prevent your lipstick from staining, for example on cups, glasses and shirt collars.

Magic Fix makes your lipstick waterproof with essential oils providing extra care. The bergamot oil with a fruity floral, warm fragrance has a balancing and relaxing effect, while lavender oil with a floral fragrance, has a calming and nourishing effect.

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misslyn desert night eyeshadow palette burning desire (open)

Misslyn’s Desert Night Eyeshadow Palette makes any eye colour pop and will help your eyes to stand out when wearing a mask. With the twelve perfectly coordinated shades, you can create your perfect eye make-up, whether it’s a natural day look or a striking evening make-up. Use an eyeshadow brush to apply and blend the powder on the eyelid.
You can mix the different colours or use individually! The combination of matte and metallic creates a stunning look!

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artdeco high precision liquid liner black

With ARTDECO’s High Precision Liquid Liner, applying eyeliner has never been so easy! The high-quality / high-tech brush consists of the finest individual fibres, which form a precise and flexible tip. The texture dries quickly, is smudge-proof and water-resistant. Despite its extra long durability, it can be removed quickly and without scrubbing.

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artdeco angel eyes mascara waterproof

No makeup look is complete with some lashings of mascara and Sandra loved using ARTDECO’s Angel Eyes Waterproof Mascara. A mascara with a long-lasting, waterproof formulation, you can reach the smallest eyelashes and with the wider area of ​​the brush the corners of the eyes are evenly coated. This mascara contains silica to thicken and lengthen lashes, plus candelilla wax, carnauba wax and beeswax to provide protection, shine and smoothness.

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artdeco 3 in 1 fixing spray

To finish her look, Sandra used ARTDECO’s 3 in 1 Fixing Spray to set her makeup into place.

If you want a flawlessly made-up complexion, the transparent 3 in 1 Makeup Fixing Spray is your new favourite!

As a primer, the spray moisturises your skin and prepares it for your make up. As a primer and for fixing your makeup into place, the spray extends the longevity and radiance of your make up, plus you can use it to quickly refresh while on the go.

The invigorating spray regenerates your skin with nourishing ingredients such as witch hazel water, allatoin and panthenol.

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diego dalla palma reusable luxury safety mask

Most importantly, don’t forget your mask when out and about. This Luxury Reusable Mask by Diego dalla Palma is made from high quality materials and 100% cotton. Made in Italy, this mask is 100% compliant with current regulations and washable up to 60 degrees.

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Once again, we would like to thank Sandra for providing this tutorial and we would love to know what you think if you head over to watch on our Instagram highlights!