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The Best ARTDECO Lipsticks!


Wear a new colour every day with ARTDECO’s Perfect Color Lipstick! The revolutionary formula of this lipstick has been designed to perfection. The creamy-smooth texture combines the latest technology with effective care.

Hyaluronic acid and collagen smooth the lips, minimise any wrinkles and create a plumping effect on the lips. Selected ingredients such as waxes and rich oils keep your lips soft and supple, while Vitamin E protects against moisture loss. The light gel base ensures that the lipstick is light as a feather on the lips and does not dry out.

  • Hyaluronic acid and collagen hydrate and add volume to the lips
  • Vitamin E protects against moisture loss
  • Waxes and oils make the lips soft and smooth

We have over 45 ARTDECO Perfect Color lipstick shades available on Strala Beauty so there really is a shade out there for everyone!

We have shared some of our favourites below!

13.830A Artdeco Perfect Colour Lipstick Spring In Paris (Model Wearing Lipstick)

 Spring In Paris 830

A bestselling shade! Spring In Paris is THE perfect nude!

Paired with a smokey eye, this shade gives us Kim K vibes!


13.801A Artdeco Perfect Colour Lipstick Hot Chilli (Model Wearing Lipstick)

Hot Chilli 801

If Spring In Paris is the perfect nude, Hot Chilli is perfect pop of colour! This warm red shade is just gorgeous on bronzed skin.

Definitely our go-to shade during the summer months!


13.909A Artdeco Perfect Colour Lipstick Watermelon Pink (Model Wearing Lipstick)

Watermelon Pink 909

For a juicy pink shade, try Watermelon Pink!

This shade makes us feel pretty in pink and will go with so many looks this Spring / Summer. plus pink is always on trend!

artdeco perfect colour lipstick honor the past (model)

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