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  • artdeco all day anti perspirant deo roll on sensual balance

    All Day Anti-Perspirant Deo Roll On

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    Effective, anti-perspirant roll on deodorant with exotic scent

  • artdeco aromatic body fragrance new energy

    Aromatic Body Fragrance

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    Body spray with revitalising scent of ginger & goji berry

  • artdeco aromatic body fragrance deep relaxation

    Aromatic Body Fragrance

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    Relaxing body spray with the scent of Neroli and Sandalwood

  • artdeco aromatic body fragrance sensual balance

    Aromatic Body Fragrance

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    Nourishing body spray with the sweet floral scent of Ylang Ylang & Patchouli

  • diego dalla palma dry anti cellulite oil

    Dry Anti-Cellulite Oil

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    Enriched with nourishing oils, promotes microcirculation for smooth skin

  • artdeco-pure deo roll on aluminium free skin purity

    Pure Deo Roll On – Aluminum Free

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    Aluminum-free roll on deodorant for a pure, fresh feeling

  • diego dalla palma underarm inner thigh firming concentrate

    Underarm & Inner Thigh Firming Concentrate

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    Silky texture which combats sagging skin