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Integrated Sharpener

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  • artdeco mineral lip styler mineral wild rosego to artdeco product range

    ARTDECO Mineral Lip Styler

    $12.20 Select options

    15 Available Shades:

    • Mineral Orange Thread
    • Mineral Red Boho
    • Mineral Red
    • Mineral Autumn Leaf
    • Mineral Rosy Peach
    • Mineral Sienna
    • Mineral Vintage Nude
    • Mineral English Rose
    • Mineral Naked Truth
    • Mineral Soft Beige
    • Mineral Flowerbed
    • Mineral Pink Wildflower
    • Mineral Rose Red
    • Mineral Wild Rose
    • Mineral Black Cherry Queen
  • artdeco mineral eye styler mineral dirty plumgo to artdeco product range

    ARTDECO Mineral Eye Styler

    $12.20 Select options

    16 Available Shades:

    • Mineral Black
    • Mineral Dark Grey
    • Mineral Steel Grey
    • Mineral Wood
    • Mineral Brown
    • Mineral Bittersweet
    • Mineral Buttermilk
    • Mineral Fig Springs
    • Mineral Blue Ocean
    • Dark Blue
    • Mineral Blue Cornflower
    • Mineral Fading Dusk
    • Mineral Purple Elderberry
    • Mineral Dirty Plum
    • Mineral Ivory
    • + 1 more!
  • artdeco invisible lip contour pencilgo to artdeco product range

    ARTDECO Invisible Lip Contour Pencil

    $6.90 Add to basket

    Transparent lip contour pencil with integrated sharpener

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