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  • lusso tan mist brush

    Lusso Tan Sunless Tanning Mist Brush

    $24.40 Add to basket

    For Streak Free Tan application

  • lusso tan hand and face brush

    Lusso Tan Sunless Tanning Hand & Face Brush

    $24.40 Add to basket

    Luxuriously soft for streak free application

  • artdeco concealer and camouflage brush premium

    ARTDECO Concealer & Camouflage Brush Premium Quality

    $16.60 Add to basket

    Concealer & Camouflage Brush for all make up types

  • 60317 artdeco powder brush premium quality

    ARTDECO Powder Brush Premium Quality

    $24.90 Add to basket

    Premium quality powder brush

  • artdeco all in one eyeshadow brush

    ARTDECO All in One Eyeshadow Brush

    $12.10 Add to basket

    Versatile eyeshadow brush for powdery textures

  • artdeco mineral powder foundation brush

    ARTDECO Powder Brush for Mineral Foundation

    $24.30 Add to basket

    Special mineral brush

  • artdeco profi eye blender brush

    ARTDECO Profi Eye Blender Brush

    $12.10 Add to basket

    Eyeshadow brush for professional blending and shading

  • artdeco contouring brush premium

    ARTDECO Contouring Brush Premium Quality

    $23.20 Add to basket

    Special flat brush for the accurate application of contouring powder

  • -70% barbara hofmann sculpting brush

    Barbara Hofmann Sculpting Brush

    $5.30 Add to basket

    Sculpting brush for contouring and highlighting

  • -70% barbara hofmann contouring brush

    Barbara Hofmann Contouring Brush

    $6.80 Add to basket

    Flat brush to apply contouring powder, soft synthetic hair

  • misslyn face shaping brush

    Misslyn Face Shaping Brush

    $12.00 Add to basket

    All rounder complexion brush

  • -60% artdeco fan brush

    ARTDECO Fan Brush

    $8.60 Add to basket

    Fan brush made of goat and synthetic hair

  • -70% barbara hofmann foundation brush

    Barbara Hofmann Foundation Brush

    $12.30 Add to basket

    Flat foundation brush made from synthetic hair

  • -50% misslyn mermaid brush turquoise

    Misslyn Mermaid Brush

    $5.20 Select options

    2 Available Shades:

    • Turquoise
    • Rosé
  • misslyn multi powder brush

    Misslyn Multi Powder Brush

    $12.00 Add to basket

    Powder brush made from soft synthetic fibres

  • misslyn shade and blend eyeshadow brush

    Misslyn Shade & Blend Eyeshadow Brush

    $5.90 Add to basket

    Brush for applying, blending and shading eyeshadows

  • -50% misslyn strobing brush

    Misslyn Strobing Brush

    $6.60 Add to basket

    Strobing brush with high quality synthetic hair

  • -60% barbara hofmann powder brush

    Barbara Hofmann Powder Brush

    $11.50 Add to basket

    Powder brush by Barbara Hofmann

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