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ARTDECO Age Control Eye Cream

This product is discontinued. Why not try the: ARTDECO Oxyvital Eye Cream

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Correcting anti-age eye cream with a smoothing effect

Skincare by ARTDECO


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Our Age Control Eye Cream supplies the delicate eye area with nutrients to efficiently fight the signs of time. Hematite promotes vitality, dynamism, and liveliness. It contains iron and magnesium, and possesses regenerating, firming properties. It also supports natural collagen synthesis. Matrixyl is an anti-wrinkle ingredient that plumps up tiny lines and wrinkles from within.

It also contains red algae extract that reduces trans-epidermal water loss and the lines caused by dryness. Avocado and olive oils contain particularly generous amounts of Vitamins A and E. They provide the skin with precious nutrients, and leave it feeling velvety-soft and supple. Shea butter and squalane provide added care. The skin looks smoother, younger, and more radiant.



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