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Article No: 61744

ARTDECO All in One Nail Lacquer


Multi-functional, high gloss transparent lacquer


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The All in One Nail Lacquer is a multi-functional product. It combines seven functions.

  1. The lacquer is a nail strengthener: it creates a protective seal on the nail.
  2. It fills ridges for a smooth effect.
  3. As a base coat: it prevents the nail from staining.
  4. As a top coat: it intensifies and refreshes the colour of your nail lacquer.
  5. The All in One Nail Lacquer protects the nail from splitting and creates more volume on the nail.
  6. It provides a brilliant, glossy finish to the nails.
  7. It makes the lacquer extremely water resistant and long-lasting.



Apply a layer of All in One Nail Lacquer as desired using the integrated brush and allow to dry thoroughly.
If you use the product as a top coat y,ou can apply another coat one to two times a week to refresh the glossy finish.


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