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ARTDECO Angel Eyes Mascara Waterproof

Article No: 2073.71
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Mascara with a long-lasting, waterproof formulation

Makeup by ARTDECO


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The Angel Eyes Mascara Waterproof conjures up dreamy angel eyes and an “open look”.

The mascara not only has a waterproof formulation, but also provides more volume thanks to the high-tech brush. With the thinner tip, even the smallest lashes are reached. The corners of the eyes are emphasized with the widest area of ​​the brush, thereby visually opening the eyes.

A variety of closely spaced flexible bristles of varying lengths hug each lash and comb the lash line without causing clumps or sticking! In addition, silica ensures thicker and optically longer eyelashes and natural waxes such as candelilla wax, carnauba wax and beeswax offer protection, shine and suppleness. The result: a heavenly look.

The most important ingredients and their effects:

  • With regular use, silica stimulates the growth of your eyelashes
  • The natural waxes candelilla and carnauba have a moisture-retaining and supple effect
  • Contained beeswax conjures up a silky shine on your eyelashes



Apply onto the eyelashes from root to tip.


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