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ARTDECO Eyeshadow Double Applicator for Beauty Box Quattro

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Double-sided eyeshadow applicator made of high-quality, synthetic foam

Tools by ARTDECO


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This noble ARTDECO Eyeshadow Double Applicator belongs in your Beauty Box Quattro!

It is ideal for applying powdery as well as creamy eyeshadows. With the help of the precise foam tip, eye makeup is child’s play. Glitter powder can also be beautifully applied to the skin with the ARTDECO Eyeshadow Double Applicator.

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ARTDECO want to strengthen your personality. From all their beauty products you can choose what you can use to develop your individual style. They offer a wide range of fantastic colours as well as individual solutions.

The heart of their collection is therefore the revolutionary refillable system.

They strive for your perfect look. Their products offer real added value, giving your makeup that certain something extra. With a love of beauty, an innovative concept and a great vision, Helmut Baurecht founded the cosmetics brand ARTDECO in Munich in 1985.

Following the idea of offering quality cosmetics at an affordable price, he wanted to make these luxurious products available to all women. Luxury that you can afford – the foundation for their success story was laid.

“To this day we are a family-run company with our headquarters in Karlsfeld near Munich. There are currently more than 900 employees in the office and in the field. Each of whom lives and helps shape our German corporate culture. We are proud of that.

Our exclusive cosmetics inspire women in 65 countries. ARTDECO is now available in around 7,500 beauty salons and spas, 7,500 perfumeries and 300 leading department stores around the world.”



Apply eyeshadow as desired with either end of the foam head.


Image of Bundled Product: ARTDECO Beauty Box Quattro

ARTDECO Beauty Box Quattro

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