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ARTDECO Highlighter Powder Compact Refill

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Refill insert for Highlighter Powder Compact

Makeup by ARTDECO


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The Highlighter Powder Compact guarantees you’ll always be seen in the best light. From a subtle shimmer to dazzling highlights, the Glow Powder is the ideal companion for every skin tone. The harmonious combination of delicate pigmentation and carefully selected, ultra-fine pearls catches the light, creating a natural, fresh radiance.

The super-light, comfortable texture of the highlighter ensures precise application and gently melts into the skin.

Refill for the Highlighter Powder Compact.



Apply the powder above the cheekbones, along the centre of the bridge of the nose, the forehead and the chin, as well as the eyebrow arch, inner corners of the eye and temples.
Use the Fan Brush or Blusher Brush Premium Quality for soft results and a light, fresh glow.


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ARTDECO Powder Brush Premium Quality

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