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ARTDECO Hydra Lip Booster

This product is discontinued. Why not try the: ARTDECO Hydra Lip Booster

.06 Translucent6ml

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Moisturising lip gloss

Makeup by ARTDECO




The Lip Gloss gives you full, sensual lips with a hint of colour and a beautiful shine! Its ingredients are particularly impressive. Marine Fillings Spheres is a combination of marine collagen and nanosomes and binds the moisture in the skin to reduce lines and wrinkles.

The seaweed extract Blue Seakale and Collageneer stimulate collagen synthesis and support the regeneration of the skin. Hyaluronic Filling Spheres are small balls made of freeze-dried hyaluronic acid. They keep the skin moist and smooth.



Draw the lip contour with a contour pencil or the Invisible Lip Contour No. 1. Then apply Hydra Lip Booster evenly to the lips using the applicator.


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