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ARTDECO Instant Lifting Perfection Cream

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Firming, regenerating and gently melting anti-age care

Skincare by ARTDECO

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The high quality ingredients of this cream offer a unique silky texture and instantly visible effects to effectively counter the signs of skin aging. Ruby, amethyst and the semi-precious stone tourmaline revitalise tired skin and instantly provide you with a radiant complexion by supplying the skin with fresh energy.

A special Hyaluronic acid complex has a targeted triple lifting effect. An extract obtained from the stem cells of the edelweiss is a powerful antioxidant, and protects the cells. It also prevents the breakdown of the body’s collagen and stops Hyaluronic acid from splitting. Its restructuring, firming properties reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles and prevent the loss of elasticity. Marsh trefoil extract has antioxidant properties that protect the skin against harmful environmental influences. It also strengthens the natural collagen synthesis.



Apply to the skin after cleansing in the morning and evening.


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  1. Aleksandra Arandjus (verified owner)

    Great price have to wait for the lifting effect though.😁

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