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ARTDECO Natural Eyes Gift Set

Gift Set
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ARTDECO Natural Volume Mascara + Smooth Eye Liner

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The perfect combination of mascara and eye liner!

Irresistible volume for thicker lashes and precision give you expressive eyes. Set includes the ARTDECO Natural Volume Mascara + Smooth Eye Liner.

Natural Volume Mascara

In addition to its creamy texture, the mascara with at least 90% ingredients of natural origin offers exceptional performance. The combination of nourishing waxes such as candelilla wax, obtained from sunflowers and a wax obtained from rice bran, coat the eyelashes and make them appear more voluminous.

Valuable oils such as sunflower, cherry and avocado oil also have a nourishing effect and protect the eyelashes. The texture gives the lashes a natural volume and fans them out without sticking. The result: Long-lasting and smudge-proof volume for your eyelashes!

Smooth Eye Liner

In addition to at least 85% enriched ingredients of natural origin such as shea butter and jojoba, the eye liner convinces with its sustainable packaging and its extraordinary performance. The concentrated power of coordinated natural oils, waxes and fats care for the skin and keep it supple – your skin appears softer and smoother.

The skin compatibility of the eye liner is dermatologically confirmed, so you can use the liner with sensitive eyes – also perfect for contact lens wearers. Thanks to the creamy and colour-intensive special texture, you will enchant with natural beauty!

Included in the set:



Apply the Natural Volume Mascara to your lashes from root to tip. Repeat the process until you have achieved your desired result.
With the Smooth Eye Liner, gently draw a line along your outer lash line or along the waterline.


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