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ARTDECO No Colour Setting Powder (Limited Edition)


Transparent, light reflecting fixing powder


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The fixing powder does not change the colour of the complexion, because when applied, the powder is absolutely transparent ensuring a matt look. Special ingredients and exceptional technology ensure that the powder scatters light and adapts to new light sources throughout the day.

During the special production method, the creamy texture is poured into the mold and then hardened. The texture retains its original creaminess. The powder can then be distributed evenly on the skin and does not dry out.

There is also a fantastic caring aspect of this transparent fixing powder. Squalane ensures a pleasant silky skin feeling and Irish moss (red algae) and mineral-rich sea water provide a care kick!



Apply the powder with a powder brush (e.g. Powder Brush Premium Quality).
Tip : Alternatively, the product can also be applied with a powder puff (e.g. Artdeco Loose Powder Puff). To do this, absorb a little powder and work the product in gently.


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Image of Bundled Product: ARTDECO 3 in 1 Fixing Spray

ARTDECO 3 in 1 Fixing Spray

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Invigorating spray as a complexion primer, to fix or refresh your make-up



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