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ARTDECO Open Your Eyes Gift Set

Gift Set
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ARTDECO Angel Eyes Mascara + FREE Soft Eye Liner

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The dream team for your eyes! Set includes The Angel Eyes Mascara and FREE Soft Eye Liner Waterproof No 10.

Angel Eyes Mascara

The Angel Eyes Mascara creates dreamlike angel eyes and an “open look”. This mascara ensures perfect styling and definition thanks to its high-tech brush with a special shape. With the thinner tip, even the smallest lashes are reached. The corners of the eyes are emphasized by the widest area of ​​the brush, visually opening the eyes. A multitude of closely spaced flexible bristles hug each lash and comb the lash line without causing clumps or sticking.

Soft Eye Liner Waterproof

The newly developed formula of the Soft Eye Liner Waterproof is extremely durable. After drying, it becomes smudge-proof and waterproof. The pleasant creamy consistency ensures easy and precise application and enables easy blending. The good colour transfer and high opacity speak for themselves. Contains natural antioxidants and Vitamin E.

Included in the set:



Apply mascara to lashes from root to tip. Trace the outer contour of the eye with the Soft Eye Liner. Close well after use.


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