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ARTDECO Perfect Teint Illuminator


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Brightening and light-reflecting cream concealer

Makeup by ARTDECO




The ARTDECO Perfect Teint Illuminator instantly gives your face a youthful, fresh appearance. The secret to a perfectly sculpted face? A contrast of light and shadows. With the Perfect Teint Illuminator, every face can be perfectly highlighted and sculpted.

The concealer’s light-reflecting pigments and lightweight, smooth texture highlight shaded parts of the face to give your skin a smooth and radiant appearance. Furthermore, signs of tiredness, under-eye circles and fine lines disappear instantly with just a few soft brushstrokes.

You can refresh your complexion whenever necessary using the convenient twist mechanism. It fits perfectly in your purse, thanks to its streamlined, elegant design. A practical and effective everyday essential!

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The ARTDECO Perfect Teint Illuminator is a true marvel of modern cosmetic innovation, designed to enhance your features and elevate your glow game. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, its ultra-fine, weightless formula seamlessly melts into your skin, creating a harmonious balance between light-diffusing particles and nourishing ingredients.

Upon application, the illuminator seems to awaken your skin, diffusing light in all the right places. It’s the secret ingredient to achieving that coveted lit-from-within look. Creating a radiant glow that catches the eye and leaves an indelible impression. Whether delicately brushed along your cheekbones, lightly tapped onto your brow bones, or strategically placed on the cupid’s bow, the ARTDECO Perfect Teint Illuminator creates a mesmerizing play of light that beautifully enhances your natural beauty.

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ARTDECO want to strengthen your personality. From all their beauty products you can choose what you can use to develop your individual style. They offer a wide range of fantastic colours as well as individual solutions.

They strive for your perfect look. Their products offer real added value, giving your makeup that certain something extra. With a love of beauty, an innovative concept and a great vision, Helmut Baurecht founded the cosmetics brand ARTDECO in Munich in 1985.



Before first use, twist the end of the pen numerous times until the product becomes visible. For further use, only one twist should be needed.
Apply the Perfect Teint Illuminator to dark areas such as shadows around the eyes and wrinkles to achieve an even complexion.
Tip: Create a voluminous illusion by applying the Perfect Teint Illuminator to the lip contour. Blend the texture well after application.


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Image of Bundled Product: ARTDECO Perfect Teint Foundation

ARTDECO Perfect Teint Foundation

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Long-lasting foundation without mask effect, oil-free

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