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ARTDECO Permanent Lashes

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Permanent lashes for long-term wear

Makeup by ARTDECO




The Artdeco Permanent Lashes for longer, thicker lashes. They look very natural and are comfortable to wear as they do not come into contact with the eyelid. They can be applied in individual tufts – for a discreet to an expressive look – and are also ideal for customers with very short lashes.

The permanent lashes give the lashes a natural volume, and stay in place for weeks with correct application – even after sleep, shower, or swim.

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Remove an individual lash from the box using a tweezers. Dip the knot into adhesive. Spread adhesive onto own eyelashes. Position eyelash tuft onto own lashes that have been coated with adhesive. To remove, apply special remover to a cotton wool pad, hold onto closed eye for 1-2 minutes and then gently pull downwards. For even gentler removal, soak cotton wool with remover, moisten lashes with it, leave to work and then gently remove lashes.

- Always adhere the lashes to your own lashes and not to the skin (due to lipid formation of the skin). Pull the lash with adhesive along your own eyelash and press on gently then. This makes it last considerably longer.
- Ideal for eyelids with excess skin (blepharochalasis). So the eyes appear larger.


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ARTDECO All In One Mascara

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Long-lasting mascara for volume, length and swing

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