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ARTDECO Plumping Lip Fluid


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Lip gloss for full, shiny lips with a wet look shine

Makeup by ARTDECO




The ARTDECO Plumping Lip Fluid immediately gives you well-groomed, fuller-looking lips!

Thanks to the optical lifting effect, your lips are smoothed and visibly filled. The lips do not stick together and are well protected from drying out. The lip gloss formula combines fresh color with a glossy wet look shine and a delicate vanilla scent. For an irresistible, fresh finish!

Ingredients and their effect:

The ARTDECO Plumping Lip Fluid contains red pepper extract which gives maximum volume and ensures a plumping, shiny finish. By stimulating blood circulation, the product may cause a slight tingling sensation on the lips.

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“Sustainability has been anchored at ARTDECO since the company was founded. We want to constantly develop and improve. It is very important to us to gradually become more sustainable wherever possible!

The route is the goal!

Our goal is to produce less waste and to make our way of working more sustainable – along the entire supply chain. From production to packaging to delivery to your home. Of course, we have not yet arrived at the end of our journey, but are gearing ourselves step by step to become more sustainable.”



Use only a small amount of the lip gloss for the first application. A noticeable effect only occurs after a few minutes. So wait this amount of time before using it again.

Avoid contact with eyes, nose and mucous membranes and do not use the lip gloss on irritated or cracked lips. If there is burning or irritation other than a slight tingling sensation, remove the product with a dry cloth.


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Image of Bundled Product: ARTDECO Colour Lip Shine Lipstick

ARTDECO Colour Lip Shine Lipstick

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