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ARTDECO Strobing Powder

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Softly shimmering strobing powder to accentuate the high points of your face

Makeup by ARTDECO


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The delicately shimmering strobing powder gives your face a fresh glow. With the soft powder you can apply beautiful highlights to your face and make your complexion shine.

The combination of the transparent base and light pearl pigments gives the strobing powder a particularly natural finish. Does not give off colour, just pure glow for your skin. The combination of weightless powder and the finest pearls melts into the skin and scatter the light. Light rays that hit the skin are transformed into a youthful fresh glow.

Due to the incredible lightness of the powder particles, you can hide the texture particularly well. They create a radiant finish on the skin and give the powder extended durability. You can apply the extremely light, highly developed texture precisely. The powder feels velvety soft on the skin.



To get the trendy strobing look, highlight your face above the cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, in the middle of your forehead and chin as well as the brow bone, inner corners of the eye and the temples.

Use the Contouring Brush Premium Quality. For a more precise highlight on smaller sections on your face like the bridge of your nose, corner of your eye or your chin, use the finer Concealer & Camouflage Brush Premium Quality.


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Image of Bundled Product: ARTDECO Strobing Powder Refill

ARTDECO Strobing Powder Refill

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Softly shimmering strobing powder to accentuate the high points of your face



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