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ARTDECO Waterproof Volume Gift Set

This product is discontinued. Why not try the: ARTDECO Perfect Volume Mascara Set

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Perfect Volume Mascara Waterproof + FREE Soft Eyeliner Waterproof No 10

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Set includes the Perfect Volume Mascara Waterproof + FREE Soft Eyeliner Waterproof No 10

The Perfect Volume Mascara Waterproof with special brush gives the eyelashes maximum volume. The brush makes fine eyelashes thicker, while the mascara is particularly waterproof.

It dries very quickly and application couldn’t be easier. The eyelashes remain supple and flexible thanks to the nourishing waxes. There is an intense colour delivery without sticking.

The newly developed texture of the Soft Eye Liner Waterproof is exceptionally long-lasting. After drying, the liner becomes smudgeproof and waterproof. The pleasant soft and creamy texture provides a very easy and precise application.

The liner can be blended easily after application and is characterised by its colour brilliance and high opacity. Contains natural antioxidants and Vitamin E.


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