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Bare by Vogue Luxury Exfoliating Mitt

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Prepare your skin before home tanning

Sun & Tan by Bare by Vogue


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You’ve chosen your favourite Bare by Vogue tan and now it’s time to prep your skin with the Luxury Exfoliating Mitt!

This luxury double-sided exfoliating glove is the perfect accessory to prepare your skin before home tanning.

It buffs your skin to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin clean and smooth. The built-in thumb feature allows for easier movement over the body.

“Brilliant exfoliating mitt. Leaves your skin so smooth and ready to tan love all the bare by vogue products.”

Complimentary products: Bare by Vogue Self Tan Eraser and Bare by Vogue Instant Tan Ultra Dark.

Created by Vogue Williams, Bare by Vogue aims to give the ultimate experience in sunless tanning.

The luxuriously rich tanning range is enriched with Super Peptides which help to smooth, plump, firm and improve skin elasticity, all whilst creating a flawless ready to wear colour.

The formulas are enriched with Goji Berry, Oatmeal, Chamomile, Pomegranate and Grapefruit which help to promote natural skin health and the ultimate glow.



Place hand in your luxury exfoliating mitt. Exfoliate and moisturise the skin 24 hours before tanning for super soft skin that will soak up a gorgeous golden glow.


Image of Bundled Product: Bare by Vogue Self Tan Eraser

Bare by Vogue Self Tan Eraser

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Quickly and gently remove your tan without scrubbing



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