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Diego Dalla Palma 30 Day Strategy Anti-Oxidant Program

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3 X 13ml
Article No: PF15001
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Treatment with a high concentration of active ingredients designed for skins characterised by loss of tone, discolourations, wrinkles and uneven complexion

Skincare by Diego dalla Palma


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The treatment consists of three complementary phases to ensure the best result. In 30 days your skin will be more radiant, firmer, strengthened and uniform. For a regenerated and revitalised face.

The kit contains:

A – ASTAXANTIN COMPLEX 1.5% – REPAIRING concentrated drops (Day 1 to 10):

The skin is protected from the damages caused by external agents and free radicals. The treatment soothes irritation and reduces stress and skin tightness. The action of pure ingredients: it counteracts the action of free radicals and protects cellular DNA, soothing and protecting skin from irritation; it repairs the skin barrier, restoring nourishment and hydration.

B – BIOTIN COMPLEX 0.5% – STRENGTHENING shock action serum (Day 11 to 20):

To reactivate the skin’s vital functions, for a firmer and smoother skin. With its tightening effect, it gives facial features a more youthful and toned appearance. The action of pure ingredients: it activates cell metabolism, revitalising the skin and reducing the signs of fatigue and stress (grey, dehydrated, fragile skin); it moisturises and regenerates skin, restoring comfort and smoothness; it stimulates the production of the fibres supporting the skin, making it firmer and increasingly toned.

C – C VITAMIN 10% – STIMULATING hyperactive concentrate (Day 21 to 30):

Reduces the look of visible wrinkles, illuminates and evens out the complexion, improves skin colouring and gives new radiance to the skin. The action of pure ingredients: it stimulates the production of collagen and combats the development of dark spots, reducing skin discolourations (due to acne, age and post-inflammatory spots), stimulating cell communication and regenerating skin, it regulates the optimal level of skin hydration, and strengthens the walls of skin microcirculation, enhancing the skin’s resistance to external agents.



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