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Diego Dalla Palma Detoxifying Essential Concentrate

This product is discontinued. Why not try the: ARTDECO Collagen Booster Cream with Vitamin C

Article No: PF00241
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For detoxified, rebalanced and revitalised skin

Skincare by Diego dalla Palma


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An intensive treatment of cell detoxification, rich in Cell Detoxium. It restores balance and new energy to skin that is fatigued by toxins caused by pollution, stress and free radicals. Alpha-lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant, stimulates cell vitality and combats the loss of firmness and elasticity.

Enhanced with 64 active ingredients. CellDetoxium helps detoxification, Coenzyme Q10 (Vitamin Q) stimulates the production of energy and helps cells repair damage. The alpha lipoic acid is effective against various types of free radicals. It regenerates, strengthens and complements the defensive system provided by other antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, E, Glutathione and
Coenzyme Q10.



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ARTDECO Anti Wrinkle Cream with Q10

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