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Diego Dalla Palma Intensive White Mask

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Shock treatment with Vitamin PP for a radiant skin and even complexion

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Lightening, uniforming shock treatment, enhanced with PRO WHITE B-SPHERES and Vitamin PP. In just ten minutes the skin becomes gorgeously radiant and the complexion is more uniform.

PRO WHITE B-SPHERES control melanin formation, rebalancing the tyrosinase enzyme action.

Vitamin PP plays a key role in the energy metabolism of the body and has a several beneficial effects for our skin. It provides intensive brightening action, it boosts the collagen and elastin production, improves the barrier effect of the skin and protects the structure. It boosts the process of cellular differentiation and healing and has incredible moisturising power.

Phytic Acid encourages cell renewal and removal of melanin from the surface of the skin while Glycyrrhetinic Acid calms and soothes. Miltivitamin and antioxidant complex and amino-acid complex regenerate and protect.



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  1. Leah O’Reilly

    Amazing face mask. Value is great. Skin felt great after.

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