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Diego Dalla Palma Milk Spray Family Protection Face & Body SPF50

Article No: PF76231
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Face & body protection with SPF50, for those who have pale and/or sensitive skin

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Ideal for the whole family, including children. Perfect for those looking for a product that is easy and quick to use.

Specially designed to preserve the health of skin exposed to the sun and guarantee a complete and intelligent protection even for the most delicate skin. High in Vitamin E, it counteracts redness
and irritation. Formulated to reduce the risk of allergy and also suitable for sensitive skin of children, to those hypersensitive and reactive and to protect from sunlight capillaries, spots, tattoos and scars.

Thanks to the practical, silky sun fragranced spray formulation, it is easy and quick to use. With its comfortable texture, it guarantees perfect distribution without leaving white residues.

Contains: DNA SMART PROTECTION, Coralline alga, Vitamin E.



See packaging or enclosed leaflet for details.


Image of Bundled Product: Diego Dalla Palma Protective Face Cream SPF30

Diego Dalla Palma Protective Face Cream SPF30

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SPF30 for pale, reactive and normal skin

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  1. Nicole Lynch

    Great product for the entire family. A little pricey but worth it.

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