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Diego Dalla Palma Moisturising Protective Milk Spray Face & Body SPF20

This product is discontinued. Why not try the: Diego Dalla Palma Moisturising Protective Milk Face & Body SPF10

Article No: PF76221
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A practical and fast product, perfect also for men

Skincare by Diego dalla Palma


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For medium-light skins that do not want to give up on a golden tan.

It protects from sunlight and leaves skin soft, silky and hydrated. An ecological and air-compressed spray, free from pollutant gases. Thanks to its 360° degree nebulizer spray it is practical, easy and quick to use allowing a perfect application throughout the body including the most hard-to-reach areas.

The light, weightless texture is easily absorbed. Special anti-sand formulation also suitable for those who practice beach sports.

Contains: DNA SMART PROTECTION, BRONZYL, Vitamin E, Arginine.



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