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Diego Dalla Palma Softening Beard Oil

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For a sleek, soft beard that is easy to style with healthy moisturised skin beneath

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Nourishing oil that makes the beard and moustache soft with HYDRA-OIL BLEND. Helps to keep bristling beards in order and gives a light sensual scent of citron wood and musk to bring out the masculinity.

Contains Patauà Amazon Organic Oil, that repairs and reinforces the structure of the beard and moisturises and increases skin’s renewa capability. Sweet Almond Oil restructures, nourishes and softens the beard and Jojoba Oil helps to keep the frizzy beard in order and well groomed.

The blend protects the beard and skin against external aggressions, smoothes the beard and moustache and facilitates styling. It provides the beard and moustache with a hint of gloss without being greasy and takes care of the skin under the beard by moisturising it.



See packaging or enclosed leaflet for details.


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  1. Luca Bergonzini (verified owner)

    Simple, fast and reliable purchase, fast shipping and well protected by packaging. Extraordinary Beard Gel.

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