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ICONESSE Fragrant Meadow Scented Candle 1,200g

Article No: 01-70823-309500
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inspired by Wheat Field with Cypresses by Vincent Van Gogh

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Find yourself amongst the flowers in a meadowfull of Impressions with the ICONESSE Fragrant Meadow Scented Candle.

Indulge your senses in an aroma of thyme, delicate rockrose (cistus) and fresh raspberry. Relax with notes of toasted tobacco, fragrant jasmine and sweet honey. Become lost in the sensual perfume of rich wood and soft leather.


  • Top notes: Thyme, Cistus, Raspberry
  • Middle notes: Tobacco, Jasmine, Honey
  • Base notes: Leather, Wood

Made exclusively of natural waxes, the ICONESSE Fragrant Meadow Scented Candle is biodegradable, does not cause headaches or allergies, and is safe for pregnant women and pets.

Iconesse have created one of the best scented candles on the market, offering a choice of home fragrance to suit everyone.

Dimensions: 118mm x 118mm

Burn time: 48 Hrs

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Inspired by:wheat field cypresses vincent painting (fragrant meadow)

1889, oil on canvas
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

Regarded as one of the best summer paintings by Van Gogh, the picture is a part of his wheat field series, and three similar copies were created. The piece was painted en plein air, depicting a view from an asylum window facing the Alpilles mountains. Van Gogh voluntarily stayed at the asylum in Provance, France, because of his mental health.



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inspired by The Siesta by Paul Gauguin



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