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Lusso Tan Sunless Tanning Mist Brush

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For Streak Free Tan application

Sun & Tan by Lusso Tan


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The Lusso Tan Sunless Tanning Mist Brush for face and body is the perfect partner in crime for the Lusso tanning mist—as well as your favorite shimmers. Say goodbye to streaks and blunders; this tanning brush will ensure an even application and optimal absorption every time.

No matter how long you’ve been tanning, it never gets easier with those hard-to-reach spots. Thanks to soft and fluffy bristles packed tightly together, the Lusso Tan Sunless Tanning Mist Brush delivers a beautiful, lasting bronze look as it helps the product reach a deeper level of the skin’s epidermis.


  • Ensure skin is clean and dry
  • Spray tanning mist directly onto the brush
  • Use long, sweeping motions over the face and hands
  • Blend carefully across the neck, ears, and hairline
  • Allow tanning mist to dry before applying makeup
  • Leave overnight for best results
  • Repeat process every other evening or as desired
  • Rinse brush with warm water between applications
  • The brush can also be used with creams, liquids, powders, and shimmers

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Lusso Tan

“Life’s better with a tan. After 17 years in the business of helping people look and feel their best with the addition of a healthy glow, we know this first hand.

Applying tan is a ritual that’s intrinsic to our bond as sisters too. When we think back to major family moments, the holidays we took together, or spontaneous nights out over the years, it always brings back memories of helping each other get ready and perfecting our faux glow. We realised that the tans on the market left a lot to be desired: no new mum wants the stickiness and smell associated with the chemicals found in most formulas. Plus, we knew things could be more simple, straightforward, and stress-free.

We thought back to the rituals we enjoyed so much and questioned how we could make tanning a foolproof, seamless experience for everyone. And now, we’re bringing those game-changing products to you, so they can transform your own routine.”



Use with Lusso Tan face and hand mist for the perfect combo! Ensure skin is clean & dry. Spray approx 6-8 inches from the face or hands and blend well with the fluffy brush.
Spray directly onto the brush for extra control.


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Lusso Tan Primer

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Primer for Face and Body



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