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Article No: M1505

Misslyn Care Cocktail 3-Phase Nail Oil

by Misslyn

Nourishes dehydrated and stressed nails


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Shaken not stirred … This 3-Phase Nail Care Cocktail is an all-rounder for nails and cuticles with a visible and noticeable effect.

The top, light purple oil phase nourishes dehydrated and stressed nails. The middle, dark violet oil phase cares for the cuticle. The pink water phase re-mineralises damaged nails. The three phases mix is a perfect nail care product and convinces every Nail Lover with the fruity-summer fragrance!



Shake well until the three phases have mixed together. Apply to clean nails and cuticles two to three times a week. Use daily on heavily used nails. Use only on unpolished nails as the product can loosen the nail polish! Do not apply nail polish immediately afterwards as the oil components of the nail oil would impair the durability of the varnish.


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