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Article No: M103.08

Misslyn Denim Look Nail Polish

by Misslyn

Nail Polish with fine, silvery-white pigments for a blue and white effect


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Denim isn’t only a cult but has also become a timeless phenomenon. The fabric is constructed out of very strong cotton, which acquires its typical blue and white pattern thanks to a particular manufacturing process. It has a matt finish and feels soft on the skin.

Misslyn’s Denim Look Nail Polish is inspired by these features. The special texture contains very fine, silvery-white pigments which create a typical blue and white web effect. After drying, the polish develops into a jeans-like, matt finish, and feels soft to the touch.


Apply the nail polish to your fingernails in one or two layers as desired and let it dry well.


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Misslyn 5 in 1

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Multifunctional nail lacquer with caring ingredients



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