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Article No: M1507

Misslyn Fruity Nail Serum

by Misslyn

Intense moisture for nails and cuticles


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The serum offers immediate intense and persistent moisture for nails and cuticles, absorbs quickly and smells fruity like strawberries. It combats fragile, brittle and prone to tearing nails and makes stressed, dry cuticles, smooth and soft again.

Daymoist clrtm is a plant-based active ingredient complex that increases the moisture level of the cuticle and their elasticity. Panthenol, also called provitamin b5, has soothing and calming properties. It calms irritated and dry cuticles and protects their natural moisture balance. Urea is an excellent humidifier that supplies the nails and cuticles with long lasting moisture and prevents them from drying out.

Vitamin C stimulates the natural cell metabolism and supports the antioxidant effect of Vitamin E. The valuable antioxidant Vitamin E protects the nails and cuticles and increases the moisture retention ability of the skin. It moisturises and makes the skin supple and smooth. For visibly clean and healthy-looking nails and cuticles. Suitable for all nail types.



Massage the nail oil thoroughly into the nail bed and cuticle 2-3 times a week.


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Image of Bundled Product: Misslyn Cuticle Remover Gel

Misslyn Cuticle Remover Gel

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