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Misslyn Individual Lashes

.3P Eye Am A DivaSet

Article No: M393
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High quality, easy to use individual eyelashes

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Long and thick eyelashes in no time! The eyelash hairs are perfect for compressing and lengthening your own eyelashes. You can easily determine the length yourself due to the different sizes.

Applying and removing the individual lashes is super easy!


Short, medium or long? - You determine the length of your eyelash look.
With the individual eyelashes from Misslyn you can easily lengthen your eyelashes without sticky disasters. The individual lashes can easily be placed between your own lashes. It is best to use tweezers to insert the eyelashes.


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Image of Bundled Product: Misslyn Remover for Individual Lashes

Misslyn Remover for Individual Lashes

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Remover for Individual Lashes

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