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Misslyn Lash Explosion Mascara

Article No: M384.1
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Mascara for maximum volume & separation

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Multiply your eyelash volume for an expressive, intense look. The innovative brush, along with a high-quality formula provides maximum volume.

The intelligent brush shape provides a volume miracle: to get as much mascara on the eyelashes as possible. The flattened side of the brush applies an enormously rich and intense colour. On the other hand, the longer bristles have a ‘distribution and separation function’. They transport the texture to the tips of the lashes, and separate them at the same time, preventing clumping.

Decide for yourself how close or separated your lashes should look by using the brush as you wish. Repeated application intensifies the volume effect.

Rice bran wax naturally nourishes and regenerates the lashes, leaving them flexible and supple.



Apply the mascara to the lashes repeatedly in an even zigzag motion. The brush seperates your eyelashes and gives them extra volume.


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Misslyn Eyebrow Gel

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For naturally arched and defined brows

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