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Article No: M3841.1

Misslyn Lolita Lashes Push Up Effect Mascara

by Misslyn

Nourishing mascara for extra volume


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Make seductive eyelashes in a sexy Lolita look with our Lolita Lashes Push-Up Effect Mascara.

With the feminine, conical brush you can create a bold, voluminous eyelash, as each eyelash can be easily reached with the unique brush shape. Contains the active ingredient Sea Satin® for a nourishing effect on the eyelash hairs.

Suitable for those who wear contact lenses.



The pointy end of the mascara brush is perfect for brushing the inner lashes. With the puffy/wider side, add plenty of volume to the outer eyelashes.
For additional volume, place the mascara close to the lash line and pull the brush upwards in slow zigzag movements.


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Misslyn True Colour Eyeshadow Base

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