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Article No: 57243

Perfect Lips Gift Set


Perfect Colour Lipstick (choose from 3 shades) + Invisible Lip Contour Pencil + Magic Fix (FREE)


  • 57243.10 803 Truly Lovely
  • 57243.30 830 Spring in Paris


The creamy, delicate texture of the Perfect Colour Lipstick (choose between shades 803 & 830) combines the latest technology with effective care. Thanks to the perfect, even colour and balanced colour intensity, this lipstick covers the lips with one application, in rich, long-lasting shades.

Hyaluronic acid and collagen smooth the lips, minimise wrinkles and create a plumping effect. Selected ingredients such as waxes and rich oils keep your lips soft and supple, while Vitamin E protects against moisture loss.

The Invisible Lip Contour Pencil forms an invisible barrier against the smudging of lipstick and lip gloss.

It is particularly suitable for lighter and nude colours. Selected waxes in combination with the active ingredient Maxi LipTM have a smoothing and nourishing effect.

Magic Fix fixes your lipstick like an invisible protective layer on your lips. Natural active ingredients prevent the lipstick from bleeding, for example on cups, glasses and shirt collars. Magic Fix makes your lipstick waterproof with essential oils providing extra care.


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