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Perron Rigot SOS Touch-Up Cold Body Wax Strips

12 Strips
Article No: VP20030
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Waxing strips for home use

Skincare by Perron Rigot


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A last minute appointment, a sports session, an improvised weekend … NO TIME TO GO TO YOUR BEAUTICIAN to remove a few unsightly hairs?

Fortunately, Perron Rigot has created this “SOS product”, easy to use and practical to take with you, for a touch up that saves you time!

Goodbye to the temptation to use your razor, hello to a professional touch up!



See enclosed leaflet.


Image of Bundled Product: Perron Rigot Hair Minimising Body Lotion

Perron Rigot Hair Minimising Body Lotion

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The product makes the skin visibly softer



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