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Powder Brush for Mineral Foundation


Special mineral brush



The high-quality powder brush for the Artdeco Mineral Powder Foundation has very soft, thick hair, which enables the foundation to have a high coverage with low powder consumption.

The rounded shape of the brush hair makes it easier to apply the foundation evenly. The hair density of the packed brush is crucial for the opacity of the foundation. This special Kabuki brush ensures the best possible result for your mineral make up.



1. Place some mineral powder into the lid.
2. Pick up the powder with the Kabuki brush, hold the brush vertically (hair up) and tap the excess off so the powder is well distributed in the brush.
3. Run the brush along the entire outer edge of the face.
4. Then slide in small, circular movements over the forehead and nose to the cheeks.
5. Lastly, apply to the area around the mouth and chin. Make sure that you apply the powder evenly. For a higher coverage, apply more layers.


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