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Vegan Tan Luxury Self Tanning Glove

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Double-sided, super-soft luxury velvet tan mitt

Sun & Tan by Vegan Tan


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Orange palms are a thing of the past thanks to the Vegan Tan Self Tanning Glove that you’ll LOVE!

Your tan will be smitten when it meets this luxury application self tanning glove. Specially designed to help you achieve a smooth flawless self-tan in half the time, with less mess, no stress, no streaks, and stain-free hands!

This double-sided, super-soft Vegan Tan Self Tanning Glove is the perfect accessory for applying your tan at home. The built-in thumb feature allows for easier application and movement over the body.


  • Protects hands from staining
  • Easy to wash & reuse
  • Streak free tanning

Complimentary products: Vegan Tan Self Tan Mousse Dark and Vegan Tan Self Tan Mousse Ultra Dark.

Vegan Tan

In 2021, Vegan Tan was born with the number one goal to Make A Difference. Making a real impact by spreading kindness and giving back to the planet with every product they make. Vegan Tan was created to provide an affordable fake tan alternative to customers that is Vegan Society approved, made from sustainable packaging, and is better for their skin by being packed full of natural ingredients instead of synthetic ones. Helping customers make a great choice, for their health and for the planet.

Since day one Vegan Tan has been Plastic Negative, all products are packaged in reclaimed plastic from the ocean and sugar polymer. Vegan Tan didn’t want to stop there. In order to Make A Difference to the planet, for every bottle of Vegan Tan sold, Vegan Tan donates a percentage of each sale to remove single use plastic from nature, supporting ethical wages for waste workers, and providing all of their products in the range with a plastic negative footprint.

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1. Make sure your skin is clean, exfoliated and dry
2. Pop your hand into the mitt. It fits just like a glove!
3. Pick your favourite VeganTan tan and pump a coin size amount onto your mitt. Rub mitt around in circular motions onto your skin ensuring you cover all desired areas with tan
4. Mission complete. Sit back, relax and allow your tan develop and say hello to that golden glow


Image of Bundled Product: Vegan Tan Self Tan Mousse Medium

Vegan Tan Self Tan Mousse Medium

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