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How to Achieve Long-Lasting Makeup: Tips for All-Day Wear

Whether you’re facing a full day at work or getting ready for an evening celebration, everyone wants makeup that doesn’t fade or smear. Long-lasting makeup relies on more than just the products on your face; it’s the result of careful preparation, skilful application, and strategic touch-ups that maintain a perfect appearance all day.

Follow these expert recommendations to keep your makeup looking vibrant and fresh all day long!

how to achieve lon lasting makeup (model)

1. Start with a clean canvas: For makeup that lasts and lasts, beginning with a smooth, clean, and clear base is absolutely vital. Start your routine by gently cleansing your face to eliminate oils, dirt, and any other remnants such as old makeup. Follow with a gentle exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, ensuring a silky surface that’s ideal for applying makeup.

2. Hydrate and prime: Hydration is key for all skin types, including those with oily complexions. If you’re concerned about oiliness, choose a lighter, oil-free moisturiser to hydrate your skin (gels often work well for this). After applying your moisturiser, use a primer to perfect your base. A primer is important as it fills in pores and any fine lines while also helping makeup adhere to your skin, prolonging its longevity. If you have combination skin, you may also benefit from tailoring your primer choice to specific facial areas (i.e. a mattifying primer on oily T-zones and a moisturising one on dryer patches) to achieve optimal results.

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3. Choose specialty products that have been tried and tested: Opting for long-wear or waterproof makeup items will significantly enhance their durability. Seek out foundations, eyeliners, and lip colours marked as long-lasting or capable of 24-hour wear. Such products are specially formulated to withstand fading, smudging, and creasing, ensuring a steadfast makeup look.

4. Layer your makeup: Applying your makeup in thin, light layers is the secret to ensuring it doesn’t budge. For foundation, start with a small amount and build coverage up as needed. Use a damp beauty sponge for an even, long-lasting application. For eye makeup, apply an eye base/primer before your eyeshadow. For long-lasting lip colour, apply a lip liner all over your lips before your lipstick.

how to achieve long lasting makeup (model)

5. Use a powder to lock-in your makeup look: Using setting powder strategically will help ensure your hard work stays intact. Lightly dust a translucent powder over your face, focusing on areas prone to oiliness, which are usually the T-zone. When it comes to eye makeup, apply a light layer of powder before applying your eyeshadow to stop creasing.

6. Use a setting spray: Spritzing a quality setting spray on your makeup will give it a seamless appearance while adding an extra layer of staying power. Look for a setting spray that is made for your skin type, whether you need extra hydration or a matte finish.

how to achieve long lasting makeup (model)

7. Touch-up throughout the day: For touch-ups, carry a compact foundation or concealer for quick fixes rather than reapplying all your makeup. Instead of adding more powder throughout the day, which can risk cakiness, use blotting papers to get rid of oil. Gently press a blotting paper onto any oily areas to absorb excess oil without disturbing your makeup.

Getting a flawless look that lasts from dawn til dusk can be achieved with the right preparation, products, and application techniques. Browse our wide range of beauty, skincare, and haircare products to achieve your best results!