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Hello Sunday

Hello Sunday Story

Launched with a bang in 2021, Hello Sunday has one simple mission… to encourage all year round SPF protection.

Because every day is a SUN day!

We know that UV damage happens in everyday life, even on cloudy days, winter months & cooler continents. After spending many years in Australia where awareness of sun damage is high, their founder Amy Ford returned to the UK with a vision to change the way we wear and perceive SPF.

Believing SPF is a right, not a privilege, it was important for Amy to create a range that was affordable. A range that would offer multi-faceted protection and provide expert skincare benefits in one. Making it simple for everyone to slot SPF into their daily skincare routice.

Working alongside a small team of skincare enthusiasts & formulation experts, Hello Sunday was born. They´ve been bridging the gap between suncare and skincare ever since.

Hello Sunday know the best thing you can do for your skin (and to avoid premature ageing) is to protect it from UV rays early on. It’s all about healthy ageing and promoting natural, healthy, protected, nourished skin, for everyone, no matter the weather.


Their line of protective beauty products aim to showcase the skin you’re in and protect it from the daily aggressors of everyday life. These innovative formulas protect you beyond just UV rays. They also shield you from aggressors such as pollution, infrared and blue light.

Protective beauty is an everyday affair and they wanted to bring you products that work for all skin types, all skin concerns and throughout all seasons. A far cry from the traditional SPF just for your summer holiday… (the sun is there all year round!)

They also believe protection that looks as good as it feels should be accessible for all. That’s why they designed a line-up that doesn’t just look great, but is affordable too.

Strala Beauty’s favourite Hello Sunday products include The Mineral One Face Cream SPF50 and the Hello Sunday The Take-Out One Invisible Sun Stick SPF30.


From serums to sticks, sensitive to oily, acne to dark spots Hello Sunday has made protecting your skin easier than ever. And they want to look good whilst doing it!

Why should we wear SPF every day?

Most of us know to pack sunscreen when going on holiday to avoid sunburn in hotter climates. However, SPF should be worn all year round to protect the skin against exposure and harmful damage from two types of UV light:

  • UVA (long-wave) causes aging, sagging and premature wrinkles
  • UVB (shortwave) causes sunburn, skin damage and pigmentation

Tip: An easy way to remember the effects of UV light is UVA causes Aging and UVB causes Burning.