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Joico was founded in California in 1975 by hairstylist Steve Stefano who felt he couldn’t find an existing haircare range to meet his clients needs. Over the years he quickly went from 1 salon to 34 salons and the range took the US by storm.

He believed in giving his clients the “Joi” of healthy, beautiful hair. The range promises to give you hair that is the strongest, shiniest, healthiest state with every use your Joico products.
Joico is often associated with beautiful blondes as it has a great selection of haircare to help repair strengthen and tone lightened hair.

One of the leaders in salon professional haircare, Joico constantly updates its products to bring you the most innovative and revolutionary techniques and ingredients that the world has known.
With patented technology that defines this brand apart from the rest. Joico eat, sleep and breathe beauty. That’s why they aspire to create such top performing products.

Some of our favourites at Strala Beauty include the K-Pak Reconstructing Shampoo and the Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm.

Joico combine beauty and science to create the ultimate beauty care experience and superior performance. Their aim is to preserve and enhance the integrity of the hair with the use of cutting-edge technology that offers the ultimate ingredients to re-build and protect the hair. Guaranteeing thorough, complete hair care from cuticle to cortex.

Joico believe in ‘The Art of Healthy Hair’. They produce products that you can trust to deliver fantastic performance and results. Joico also cares for the environment and they are committed to providing high quality, safe products. They do not participate in animal testing.