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  • artdeco 2 in 1 lacquer

    2 in 1 Lacquer

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    Quick-drying transparent varnish which can be used as a base coat or top coat

  • artdeco 2 step gel lacquer stay and shine top coat

    2 Step Gel Lacquer Stay & Shine Top Coat

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    Ultra shiny, sealing top coat for the 2 step gel look

  • misslyn 5 in 1 (box)

    5 in 1

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    Multifunctional nail lacquer with caring ingredients

  • misslyn 60 sec top dry (box)

    60 Sec Top Dry

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    Quick drying nail polish sealer

  • M11.756 Misslyn Effect Top Coat Mirror Ball

    Effect Top Coat

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    16 Available Shades:

    • M11.756 Mirror Ball
    • M11.757 Flash Up
    • M11.759 Hugs And Kisses
    • M11.761 Keep Smiling
    • M11.765 Pret A Porter
    • M11.766 It Girl
    • M11.771 Primavera
    • M11.773 Vegas Showgirl
    • M11.774 Fit For Fun
    • M11.775 Merci
    • M11.776 Wrap Yourself
    • M11.777 Love Gym
    • M11.783 Orient Sun
    • M11.794 Amore
    • M11.795 Mickeys Favourite
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  • misslyn gel effect top coat

    Gel Effect Top Coat

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    Gel effect for your nails, seals and protects

  • artdeco gel effect top coat

    Gel Look Top Coat

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    High-gloss top coat with a "gel look"

  • artdeco illuminating top coat (product)

    Illuminating Top Coat

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    Illuminating Top Coat for a natural shine

  • artdeco matt effect top coat

    Matt Effect Top Coat

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    Mattifying Top Coat

  • misslyn repair and care base coat (box)

    Repair & Care Base Coat

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    Moisturising care varnish for brittle nails

  • misslyn sorbet top coat semifreddo

    Sorbet Top Coat

     5.30 Select options

    3 Available Shades:

    • M1101.801 Freezing Orange
    • M1101.805 Semifreddo
    • M1101.806 Cold Raspberry
  • stay and shine top coat

    Stay & Shine Top Coat

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    Top coat with long-lasting, high-gloss finish

  • artdeco ultra quick dry top coat

    Ultra Quick Dry Top Coat

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    Dries your Nail Polish in just 60 seconds