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  • note sculpt master mascara black

    NOTE Sculpt Master Mascara

     12.00 Add to basket

    Glossy black texture that gives volume and definition

  • note ultra volume mascara black

    NOTE Ultra Volume Mascara

     10.00 Add to basket

    Ultimate volume & long lasting mascara

  • note total look brow kit 03 brunette

    NOTE Total Look Brow Kit

     9.00 Select options

    2 Available Shades:

    • 02 Blonde
    • 03 Brunette
  • note smokey eye pencil black 01

    NOTE Smokey Eye Pencil

     10.00 Add to basket

    Double sided pencil with a smudging applicator to blend the perfect look

  • Artdeco All In One Mascara Black

    ARTDECO All In One Mascara

     19.50 Select options

    3 Available Shades:

    • Black
    • Brown
    • Blue
  • note precision eyeliner black

    NOTE Precision Liner

     10.00 Add to basket

    Water-resistant texture and dries quickly after application

  • artdeco smooth eyeliner volcanic ash

    ARTDECO Smooth Eye Liner

     8.90 Select options

    8 Available Shades:

    • Black
    • Stones
    • Volcanic Ash
    • Deep Sea
    • Olive Oil
    • Wooden Brown
    • Rare Earths
    • Bark
  • artdeco soft eyeliner waterproof black

    ARTDECO Soft Eye Liner Waterpoof

     9.50 Select options

    20 Available Shades:

    • Black
    • Deep Forest Brown
    • Warm Dark Brown
    • Deer Lord!
    • Bright Olive
    • Shiny Light Green
    • Dark Grey Green
    • Cobalt Blue
    • Dark Indigo
    • Mercury Blue
    • Cornflower Blue
    • Emerald
    • Sparkling Black
    • Damask Violet
    • Deep Berry
    • + 5 more!
  • artdeco mineral eye styler mineral dirty plum

    ARTDECO Mineral Eye Styler

     11.50 Select options

    12 Available Shades:

    • Mineral Black
    • Mineral Dark Grey
    • Mineral Wood
    • Mineral Brown
    • Mineral Bittersweet
    • Mineral Fig Springs
    • Dark Blue
    • Mineral Blue Cornflower
    • Mineral Fading Dusk
    • Mineral Purple Elderberry
    • Mineral Dirty Plum
    • Mineral Ivory
  • artdeco khol eyeliner long lasting

    ARTDECO Khol Eye Liner Long Lasting

     9.50 Add to basket

    Long lasting, deep black kohl

  • note ultra rich color eye pencil 02 cafee

    NOTE Ultra Rich Colour Eye Pencil

     5.50 Select options

    2 Available Shades:

    • Black
    • Cafee
  • rosie for inglot eyeliner gel chestnut gaze (open)

    Rosie for Inglot Eyeliner Gel Chestnut Gaze

     16.00 Add to basket

    Eyeliner gel with a long-lasting, waterproof, quick drying and smudge proof finish

  • artdeco all in one mascara waterproof

    ARTDECO All in One Mascara Waterproof

     19.50 Add to basket

    Waterproof mascara for volume, length and swing

  • artdeco angel eyes mascara black

    ARTDECO Angel Eyes Mascara

     18.50 Select options

    2 Available Shades:

    • Black
    • Azure
  • artdeco angel eyes mascara limited edition

    ARTDECO Angel Eyes Mascara Limited Edition

     18.50 Add to basket

    Limited edition mascara with a high-tech brush for visually larger eyes

  • artdeco angel eyes mascara waterproof

    ARTDECO Angel Eyes Mascara Waterproof

     18.50 Add to basket

    Mascara with a long-lasting, waterproof formulation

  • artdeco natural volume mascara

    ARTDECO Natural Volume Mascara

     18.00 Add to basket

    Natural volume mascara with at least 90% ingredients of natural origin

  • artdeco natural lengthening mascara

    ARTDECO Natural Lengthening Mascara

     18.00 Add to basket

    Lengthening mascara with at least 90% ingredients of natural origin

  • artdeco waterproof maker limited edition

    ARTDECO Waterproof Maker Limited Edition

     15.00 Add to basket

    Makes every mascara waterproof

  • artdeco waterproof maker open

    ARTDECO Waterproof Maker

     15.00 Add to basket

    Makes every mascara waterproof

  • rosie for inglot legendary curl mascara (open)

    Rosie for Inglot Legendary Curl Mascara

     14.00 Add to basket

    Suitable for sensitive eyes and to use over lash extensions

  • artdeco long lash effect mascara black

    ARTDECO Long Lash Effect Mascara

     15.00 Add to basket

    For increased length & separation

  • artdeco natural brow cream medium brown

    ARTDECO Natural Brow Cream

     18.00 Select options

    2 Available Shades:

    • Medium Brown
    • Ashy Wood
  • artdeco clear lash and brow gel

    ARTDECO Clear Lash & Brow Gel

     12.00 Add to basket

    Transparent mascara and eyebrow gel