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Diego dalla Palma

Diego dalla Palma is an Italian cutting-edge skincare brand with more than 60 years’ experience.

An Italian entrepreneur with 20 years’ experience in cosmetics had a very clear vision. To offer the female consumer highly professional products that are simple to use.

In 1993, he eventually purchased the RVB brand, number one in Italy in the professional beauty channel with 60 years’ experience in cosmetics. Between his passion for research and the expertise of the RVB Laboratories, the ideal cosmetic brand was born. This skincare is truly effective, amazing quality and provides visible results.

Two of Strala Beauty’s favourite products include the Diego Dalla Palma Youth Venom Serum and the Diego Dalla Palma Intensive White Mask.

DDP are always in search of the best selection of active ingredients and are in constant communication with the scientific world. They believe in green chemistry and reduced environmental impact. They have adhered to the world-wide programme “responsible care” that aims to promote sustainable development.

Their values have always been to further elegance, creativity and the search for beauty in every woman. Unique, one-of-a-kind beauty free from the dominant beauty standards. This is exactly what DDP has always been committed to do. Helping every woman find her own personal beauty, enhancing it with products that are democratic and affordable. Furthermore, products that keep up with innovations in the cosmetic field to offer every woman the best professional performance.

Formulas for every need, conceived to meet all skin types, always and only made in Italy.