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  • misslyn adhesive for eyelashes

    Misslyn Adhesive for Eyelashes

     9.60 Add to basket

    Long lasting, water soluble adhesive for eyelashes

  • misslyn adhesive for individual lashes

    Misslyn Adhesive for Individual Eyelashes

     7.50 Add to basket

    Water resistant & easy to use adhesive

  • artdeco east on lash applicator

    ARTDECO Easy on Lash Applicator

     14.90 Add to basket

    Special tool to make it easier to apply false lashes

  • misslyn eyelash curler

    Misslyn Eyelash Curler

     9.95 Add to basket

    For curved eyelashes, easy to use

  • artdeco adhesive for permanent lashes

    ARTDECO Glue for Permanent Lashes

     18.30 Add to basket

    Transparent, waterproof adhesive for permanent lashes

  • misslyn high precision tweezers

    Misslyn High Precision Tweezers

     8.90 Add to basket

    Precise tweezers for perfecting brows

  • artdeco perfect brow tweezers

    ARTDECO Perfect Brow Tweezers

     11.80 Add to basket

    Professional tweezers for eyebrows

  • artdeco profi eyelash curler

    ARTDECO Profi Eyelash Curler

     17.00 Add to basket

    Eyelash curler for specially curled lashes

  • misslyn remover for individual lashes

    Misslyn Remover for Individual Lashes

     8.40 Add to basket

    Remover for Individual Lashes